2 Casual Styles, 2 Ways to Wear Them

Have you ever needed your friend’s advice on how to wear a particular shirt or dress? Did you find that there are numerous ways to wear a particular style? I am sure almost every woman reading this can say “Me, me, me!” Having style means having options.  For a moment, it secretly allows you to play dress up and be a kid again. The more items you have, the more options you get! Pairing outfits together can be a lot of fun, especially when that one shirt you just bought at the mall can be worn more than one way. So, let’s check out two similar casual styles and learn ways to wear them both.


Oversized shirts have been very popular for a while now and womenswear has finally put a feminine touch on such a roomy fit. Wearing this look is very comfortable and can be pulled off with style and ease.  An oversized tee paired with fitted bottoms such as leggings or skinny jeans is one of the top outfits for this style of shirt. It gives you freedom up top while being cute and fit at the bottom. To finish off this style, you can wear your shirt slightly tucked in to show off your stylish belt or leave it out for a loose flow.

Another way to wear the oversized shirt look is by adding a belt to the equation! Wearing a thin belt at the waist will put a twist on this style. It actually creates a slight peplum design within the oversized look. The belt allows the shirt to gather around the waist while keeping its roomy features and add a little flare at the bottom. Depending on how long the shirt is, you may have an oversized peplum shirt or dress!


Tunics have been around for centuries and can be traced back to the era of ancient Greece and Rome.  Its timeless trend makes it easy to wear comfortably in more than 2 ways. Even to this day, a new version of this particular style keeps rolling out, creating a cool new twist decade after decade. Very similar to an oversized shirt, tunics also have a roomy fit. Some may argue that tunics are more stylish than oversized shirts, but it truly depends on how you wear and accessorize them both.

Tunics are very comfortable. They were originally designed with the intent to be loosely fitted, but with a length that is mid-thigh to knee. So why not wear it as a dress? Simple as that, you can accessorize your tunic-dress and wear it with a pair of low-cut sneakers or flat shoes. Wearing that same tunic and pairing it with jeans will allow you to wear it as an oversized shirt. Knotting your oversized-tunic will give you a fun, youthful and fresh look. It is almost like giving your tunic a little more style. Adding a knot creates a spacious high-low shirt fit to show off your cute pair of bottoms. Go ahead and give your tunic style!

It is always great to have dress pieces that come with so many ways to wear them. Oversized shirts and tunics are two of the most common styles that can give you options and comfort all at the same time. Do you have a style that gives you the same kind of freedom? Show us your favorite casual styles you can wear differently by sharing them in the comments below.