3 Saturday Morning Activities to Do in Your Sleepwear

Saturday mornings are a great respite for families. For many parents, it’s the beginning of a two-day break from work. And of course for kids, it’s a day where they don’t have to endure the grueling hours of school. It’s a time for getting some yard work done and playing team sports. However, when there are no sports to play and the lawn is trimmed, Saturdays are perfect for simply relaxing with the family.

Often, a vital component of relaxation is deciding whether or not to change into day clothes. While doing so prepares you to go out in the public, is there really anything better than spending the entire day in your favorite flannel bottoms? There are plenty of things you can do with your family on those lazy Saturday mornings when you can’t find it in yourself to change out of your jammies.

1. Board Game Day

Often, the first thing kids (and adults) do on Saturday morning is turn on the television or gaming console and find their comfortable place on the couch. While this is a great way to just relax and “veg out,” it’s not a healthy habit. Staying motionless for hours can raise both you and your children’s risk for diabetes – not to mention other health issues. And for young children, it can even stunt or alter their speech. At the very least, it utilizes a limited part of the brain.

So what can you do? Break out the board games! There are, of course, the classics like Monopoly and Life. But, there is a whole host of other games too. Do your kids like words? Try Boggle or Bananagrams. For those with vivid imaginations, Dixit is a game focused on telling elaborate stories. And, of course, there are the timeless games of traveling like Candyland or Chutes and Ladders, or adrenaline-fueled skill games like Jenga. Whatever kind of game you and your kids like, there are thousands of options for you to choose from.

2. Costume Day

Who doesn’t like a fun game of dress-up? Here’s a good twist on charades: Find clothing similar to that of family members or friends, then act like them. Have everyone else guess who you are!

If you still have baby clothes, you can have fun while teaching your kids about responsibility and caring by dressing up your pets. Make sure the clothes fit and the kids aren’t handling the pets roughly, of course.

While watching television for hours on end can be unhealthy, turning it on for a couple hours can be a great bonding experience. Pop in your favorite family movie, but don’t start it yet! Wait until everyone has dressed up at least partly like their favorite characters. You can even act out your favorite parts together! Truly liven up the party with movie-themed food, like tropical shakes during a pirate movie.

3. Cooking Lessons

Cooking is one of those activities everyone enjoys, if not just for the end result. Teach your kids your favorite (simple) recipe, from making ice cream to homemade pasta. To really make it memorable, turn on the camera! You and your kids can host your own cooking show. This is especially fun if you are all cooking something familiar to everyone already, like your family’s “secret grilled cheese” recipe.

These are only some of the things you and your family can do while staying in your favorite flannel pants. You probably have your own Saturday morning traditions – share them with us in the comments below or on Facebook!