3 Ways to Support Your Local Team

Though the weather may not show it yet, summer is officially here, which means it’s time for soccer, baseball, lacrosse, and all the other summer sports. For middle schoolers and high schoolers, these extracurriculars offer something to do during their time away from the classroom. It’s also the time for those athletes who don’t play football to shine. And for local amateur or semi-professional teams, it’s a venue for adults to live out their passion. Whatever the team, it’s always fun to go to the field and cheer them on.

For many smaller organizations, there simply aren’t a lot of ways to show off your pride. Apparel selection may be limited, and you want to stand out in a crowd! Here are three great ways to support your local team.

Attend the Games

This tip may seem obvious, but often times fans tend to stay home during the games. Maybe they’ve had a long week at work, or maybe they need to get chores done. When too many fans adhere to this mindset, the stands tend to be emptier than they should be. Not only is this a disappointment to all who are playing, but in some instances – when attendance is consistently low – the organization may fold altogether.

The obvious solution is to go to the games. Even if you can’t make it to every match due to ticket prices or prior obligations, attending for at least a few a seasons should be part of your schedule. This is especially important if your child plays on a team. Nothing is as encouraging as seeing your family in the bleachers cheering you on.

Volunteer to Help

For local youth teams (and even some low-level adult teams), funds are always tight. They may have barely enough to cover uniforms and other necessities, much less extra staff to handle the small duties. This might mean coaches and players handling the equipment when they should be preparing for games, or a lack of a proper ticket collector. In the long run, this can spell disaster for the team.

You can help, especially at the youth level. Volunteer in the booth and sell tickets. Work the concession stands. Encourage your kids who aren’t on the team to be ball boys and ball girls. If needed, you may even be able to volunteer as a coach. When it comes down to it, there are always ways to help out. All you have to do is ask.

Wear That Shirt with Pride

At the very least, the easiest way to support your local sports team is to wear their emblem with pride. T-shirts, jerseys, pullovers, and other apparel are often readily available. If not, plain ones are easy to find; all you need to do it put the logo on there yourself. If you aren’t sure where to get plain tops, we can help.

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