A modern spin on an old favorite: Garment-dyed Tees

Timeless style

Some things never get old. Or, is it referring to something like an “old favorite” that best validates timeless style? Either way, vintage is a revolving trend that’s turning heads in fashion. This worn-in look is not only cool, but it’s a great way to add interest to everyday casuals. Whether dressing up or dressing down, vintage t-shirts are easy to wear with many combinations. These soft-washed tees offer a classic look when styled with jeans and create an edgy vibe as a layering piece. Vintage tees are not limited to lounging, although they provide the ultimate comfort to do so, they can be dressed up with slacks, jackets, and skirts.

Wearing your emotions

For many, clothing is about self-expression, and the graphic t-shirt is the go-to trend in fashion. Whether it’s to show emotions, display pride in interests, or make a statement, the graphic tee is the ultimate form of self-expression. From old logos to classic slogans, graphics are ideal when recreating vintage flair. And distressed graphics add even more to the worn-in appearance. A skilled screen printer is invaluable for achieving quality results in graphic tees and other custom wearables. Perhaps you’re a fan of 1980’s rock. Let’s think back for a moment. How awesome was it to wear that cool band t-shirt as you rocked out at your favorite concert? Seeing that the 80’s were a little while ago, maybe your shirt didn’t survive all those years. No worries. If you misplaced your tee at a rad concert like say, a Journey performance, “don’t stop believing.” There are ways you can still rock that vintage flair. For clarification, the suggested approach does not involve a time machine, although it would be pretty gnarly to relive those party days. But, you can replicate the lived-in feel of vintage tees with garment dye.

Recreate vintage with garment dye

In conventional methods, t-shirts are crafted from pre-dyed fabric before the shirt is sewn. In contrast, the coloring process for garment-dyed tees is done after the shirt or garment is made—hence the phrase “garment dyed” tee. During the garment dye process each tee is dyed to the desired color, then washed and dried. This dye process infuses each piece with unique color saturation to create a soft, lived-in appearance. In addition to slight color variations, the garment dye process allows for shrinkage to ensure a truer fit in size. Garment dying of 100% cotton achieves the best lived-in appearance. Cotton has greater absorbency making it an easy fabric to dye, among other advantages. While garment-dye is a more expensive coloring method, most would agree it’s worth it. The finished products are as unique as the dying process and essential to achieving the lived-in look. Enhanced with vintage detailing in the neck trim and hemlines, garment dye is the perfect way to recreate the imperfect appeal of that old favorite tee.


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