Add some Flair to your Style (Comfortable looks that won’t compromise your style)

Style is not about having the top name brands or signature looks. It is about being able to show off your own personality by wearing different clothing that fits your personal flair. But, have you ever had those moments where you get bored with your look? Needed to flair it up just a little? While fashion is always evolving, it is nearly impossible to ignore trying to enhance your style. I will be the first to admit; there are times when we get so comfortable with our look that we are afraid to step out of our comfort zone. But what if you can? The last few years fashion has been taking things from fitted to loose, comfortable and casual. It is now easy to be stylish and wear flared designs that will enhance your style. Here are just a few that will flair it up for just for you.


While fitted tops can show off your cute, natural curves, flared- tops can and will do so much more for your figure. As women, we like to have a particular look that compliments us and our body types. While most think that flared tops can make us look heavier than we actually are, it tends to naturally cover areas that we would like to cover or add mystery. For instance, a very petite woman will benefit from the flare of a top. It can give the illusion that she has curves due to how it flares off the body. Paired with a pair of jeans to knock in those natural fitted curves, she is definitely enhancing her look. Flared tops can be very fun to wear, and its flowy elements make it comfortable too.


When you think of flare bottoms, do you think of bell-bottom pant from the 70s? Well, lucky for us, in this day in age flare bottoms are still fun and exciting to wear! In fact, there are so many different styles for everyone that you cannot help but enjoy them. Let’s start with bell-bottoms. Bell-bottoms are fitted around the waist and rear end area. These pants begin to loosen up right around the knee area before it completely flares out at the bottom. They typically look stylish with a fitted or slightly fitted top. Now, what if you really like the flare look, but you prefer a little slack off your thighs. Well, wide leg pant is another form of a flared bottom. These roomy bottoms start slightly wide and then continue to flare all the way down the leg area. It is best worn with a flared or fitted top.


Let’s keep flaring up your style and get fancy in a skirt. Flare skirts are really popular, and I must admit they are very cute. It is really interesting how the 70’s sock hop skirts really have an influence on fashion still. Today, flared skirts are stylish in the office, in a casual setting or even on an amazing date. Worn with a fitted top, your style is very modern and looks amazing. Flared skirts are offered from mid-thigh length to a full length. The option is definitely yours.

Adding a little flair to your style can be fun, easy and most importantly comfortable. We would love for you to tell us in the comments below what your favorite flared style is.