The Inside Scoop: How To Create A Memorable Unboxing Experience

Most of us can relate to the unique thrill of opening a gift. The anticipation of not knowing what’s inside (or maybe you do) creates a feeling of utter excitement! Unboxing is a comparable experience to what it feels like opening a gift. People love presents, and they also love the novelty of new things. In the last few years, unboxing has become a powerful marketing tool. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small startup business, first impressions are everything. If you want to make a lasting impression on your customers, your packaging and presentation are vital elements to the ultimate unboxing experience.

Unboxing, also referred to as a branded packaging experience, is a strategy used to enhance the customer experience with a brand. Shipping and packaging materials, combined with appealing graphics and messaging, can be used to create a positive, more memorable first impression for your products. The unboxing experience influences the potential for a new customer to become a returning customer.

Here a few insider tips on how to create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers.

Strong functional design

Your package must serve its primary purpose, to protect the items inside during transport. If the item arrives damaged, then you’ve failed before the unboxing can even begin. There is beauty in simplicity, not just because it offers a relaxing visual, but also because of the simplicity of design demands that the design embrace function and aesthetics as a cohesive whole. Every element of your packaging should serve a purpose, whether it’s organizational, protective, or aesthetic. And, eliminating unnecessary packaging also helps in other ways.


Customization and personalization stand out like a ray of sunshine on a dark, gloomy day. It rids customers of any feelings of unsentimental or bland uniformity. Design an unboxing experience that is all about the recipient, and you will make your customers feel special. You can create a personal unboxing experience by sharing something about you and your business in your packaging. Consider including a flyer featuring a photo of the person who packaged the order, or a unique message explaining the story behind the product. Thank you notes are an essential way to express your gratitude and add a personal touch to a package. Saying ‘thank you’ is a useful tool for building relationships and is integral to the success of your organization. Show your thanks often—these ‘magic words’ can elevate your brand as the business of choice in a competitive market.

Cohesive Brand Identity & Design

Creating an unboxing experience that is cohesive with your brand is imperative. Product packaging design should be on point as well. An eye-catching package triggers areas in the brain associated with impulsive behavior and feelings of reward. You can use attractive packaging design to appeal to these psychological triggers. Remember, keep your brand identity front and center. Use your brand to guide what colors, fonts, package shape, and texture to use for your packaging design.

Customer Focused

Think inside the box. That’s not a piece of advice that you typically receive or give out, but it applies to this matter. Make sure that packaging is customer-focused. The personalization aspect of unboxing goes hand in hand with being creating a memorable experience. Going out of your way to ensure that your customers’ package is tailored specifically for them, will go a long way. The content inside that box must stand out. It has to make your customers feel that you’ve gone the extra mile for them and their needs.

The experience of unboxing a package is one that should always leave your customers feeling excited to receive your product. Building that type of relationship, connection, and rapport with your customers is imperative. The ultimate goal is to make each customer a returning customer and an advocate for your brand. Putting your customer wants and needs first will allow you to do just that. What are some surefire tactics your business use to enhance the customer’s unboxing experience? Let us know in the comment section below.