Benefits of Wearing a Face Mask Are Clear

Right now, the world is experiencing great change. All of humanity is faced with a new challenge where we must all join together for a greater good. Each and every one of us has a responsibility to participate and do our part to flatten the curve, and a great way to do this is to use protective measures for both yourself and others. We are all in a situation where anyone could affect others without even knowing it, so we cannot let our guard down.

The CDC is now recommending face protection for anyone who must venture out into areas where social distance practices are hard to uphold.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is in short supply and needed by our health care professionals. But fortunately, we still have ways of doing our part and looking cool while doing so.

Protective Comfort Redefined

Wearing a facemask can look clinical and unappealing, but fashionable options exist to make safe practices look great!

Traditionally used for hiking and other outdoor activities, neck gaiters are highly versatile, tubular fabrications that fit comfortably and offer a wide variety of styling. Right now, gaiters are the perfect solution for any situation where you have to leave the house and closer proximity with others is unavoidable.

These fun, handy coverings will offer you the recommended protection with a trendy flair that others will admire. Fun designs and patterns add even more pizazz to your gaiter, making it a little easier to forget the heavier implications of the mask itself. And there are so many ways to use this fun accessory. Wearing it as a neck warmer, a hair tie, or headband, is only the beginning. With so many possibilities, this essential piece will continue to have many uses long after facemask safety measures have passed.

Having a hard time deciding what styles and colors to get? Owning multiple gaiters is always a smart move as you’ll likely want to have a clean mask for each trip outside. So go ahead and collect all your favorite patterns. You’ll be smart and fashionable.

These highly durable gaiters are easy to wash too, so be sure to run them through your laundry cycle often to keep them fresh and sanitary.

Keep It Safe

No matter what happens, we are all in this together, helping each other in our efforts to flatten the curve.

Remember, continue to remain inside and practice social distancing as often as you are able, and stay prepared with enough gaiters on hand to get you through this challenging time.