Buffalo Check Plaid: Is it still Hip to be Square?

Have you ever looked at old pictures of yourself and noticed similar styles from your past are now reappearing in your closet?  At first glance, you may wonder if your current look is outdated. Relax, you’re in the clear. More often than not, those outfit trends from 10 years ago have reemerged on the fashion scene, or never went out of style at all! Fashion has a way of repeating itself, offering a fresh modern approach to old fashion favorites. Take plaid for instance. This classic design of squares and lines tops the list of patterns that have stood the test of time. There are many variations of plaid and some patterns are more definitive than others. A prime example is buffalo check plaid. This pattern of equal-sized red and black squares has been around for over 160 years. With such an extensive lifetime, you may feel some hesitation toward plaid popularity, and rightfully so. It begs the question, “is plaid outdated, or is it still hip to wear squares?” Although this pattern has lingered for over ten decades, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that plaid is still an on-trend pattern and here’s why!

It’s a classic 

Plaid is easy to wear year-round, providing a smooth transition from season to season. Coined the number one trend for fall, plaid creates a timeless look for cool weather outfitting. But fall isn’t the only time this look is hot. Have you noticed the plaid trend is everywhere you look during the holiday season? We plaid lovers really crave those trendy squares during Christmas time. No other pattern greets the season quite like plaid—especially buffalo checkered plaid. Made from a design of alternating red and black squares, buffalo check plaid resembles the pattern of a checkers game board. And like the popularity of the game has become an all-time favorite. Buffalo check is arguably one of the most popular plaid patterns.  The checkered plaid was created in 1850 by Woolrich Woolen Mills, one of the oldest manufactures of outdoor wear in the United States. Now, I guess you’re wondering why the heck “buffalo,” is used to identify this checkered pattern. Although bizarre, the story behind the name is actually quite interesting. “Check” this out! The name “buffalo” check was inspired by Woolrich’s love for his pet buffalo herd. Yes, you read it right—pet buffalo! Perhaps what’s more interesting is that the very same plaid named from adoration has become a well-loved fashion favorite. Coincident or not, buffalo check plaid is on-trend and here to stay.

Check your style 

So, after reading this far, you now know buffalo check is nothing new. Heck, it’s been around for over 100 years. But what is new about this checkered pattern is the refreshing twist modern style lends to an old classic creating must-have looks that are fashionably irresistible. What’s currently trending for fall is buffalo check button-down shirts, which can be comfortably paired with black denim jeans or leggings. If you are not sure which leggings style is your best fit, there are several reference guides you can use to choose your perfect pair. And when temperatures begin to drop around the holidays, you can still be hip inside the house with squares. Complement your cozy ensemble with flannels. They are a big deal for comfort and style around the holidays! When paired with a white long-sleeve tee or hoodie, this priceless combination is a very cozy one to wear around the fireplace with family and friends.

There are endless options that can fit your personal style when it comes to plaid. How do you keep your wardrobe hip? Share with us on social media how you wear your buffalo check plaid.