5 Tips for More Effective Studying

For many, springtime means lots of flowers, playing outdoors and soaking in the sun that seemed to go missing this winter. For college students, however, spring means one thing: Exams. In April, campuses across the nation seem to grow eerily silent and empty. Students are now spending every moment of free time in the library or in their dorms working on that paper worth half their grade, or trying to remember those tiny anecdotes their professors promised would be on the exam at the beginning of the semester.

When every class is demanding you study 20 hours a day to pass the exam, sometimes the best thing to do is cry it out. Let out all the stress and anger, clearing your head to actually prepare. Go ahead, let those tears flow. We can wait.

Okay, with that part out of the way, it’s time to jump headfirst into full study mode. Here are five tips to optimize your study time:

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