Flannel and Plaid Are Not The Same: Know The Difference!

As fall is in full swing and the chilly weather upon us, it’s time to stock up on your cool-weather wardrobe essentials. Flannel is popular to wear during the colder months, as it provides the softness and cozy, warmth we crave during the autumn and winter season. And what’s flannel without plaid? It’s like peanut butter with no jelly, or ham with no burger. Okay, maybe I went too far with the last analogy, but you get my drift.

It’s undeniable, “flannel and plaid is the perfect pair.” So much so, there is often confusion between the two. Are flannel and plaid one in the same? Or, are they different? It’s time to address one of the biggest misinterpretations in fashion: “is there ‘really’ a difference between flannel and plaid?” I know it may sound strange to some, but flannel and plaid are actually two very different things. Let me break it down and give you all the details.

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