A modern spin on an old favorite: Garment-dyed Tees

Timeless style

Some things never get old. Or, is it referring to something like an “old favorite” that best validates timeless style? Either way, vintage is a revolving trend that’s turning heads in fashion. This worn-in look is not only cool, but it’s a great way to add interest to everyday casuals. Whether dressing up or dressing down, vintage t-shirts are easy to wear with many combinations. These soft-washed tees offer a classic look when styled with jeans and create an edgy vibe as a layering piece. Vintage tees are not limited to lounging, although they provide the ultimate comfort to do so, they can be dressed up with slacks, jackets, and skirts.

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Stonewashed Fashion – Vintage-Inspired Details for an Edgy Style

Remember those old stonewashed jeans you used to wear back in the 90s?  How cool were they?  That edgy, faded look really gave your wardrobe a nice, vintage feel you just don’t see anymore.  Or do you?

That’s right!  It’s 2017 and vintage is in again.  So dig into your closet and grab all those forgotten favorites.  The time is now to enjoy a blast from the past and we’re here to help you dress your best while rocking the stonewashed vintage look!  Forget Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday; make every day retro-trendy with a few easy tips.

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