Get Organized! Easy Tips and Clever Ideas for Organizing Your Closet

That closet of yours is a mess! It may not be spring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do some cleaning. Fall is right around the corner, which means you’ll soon be busy planning festivities, updating your wardrobe, and preparing for the holidays. As such, it’s even more critical to get your closet organized so that you don’t waste time searching for clothes and pairing outfits. But how do you get all your belongings in order without wasting precious time in the waning part of summer before fall’s arrival? Let Boxercraft be your guide. Here’s some tips and tricks on organizing your closet!

Grouping Is Key!

Experts agree that grouping and categorizing is the key to closet organization.  As simple as it may sound, it’s easy to throw things in your closet haphazardly without any consideration for how items are placed together.  Group clothing into categories: shirts, pants, dresses, jackets, ties, and so on.  Keep them separate.  This will make it so much easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.  And just because there’s empty space in your closet doesn’t mean it needs to be filled; sometimes, adding random items just because there’s room can encourage greater clutter.

Another tip to keep in mind is to group according to frequency of use.  Put the articles you use/wear most often in a place that’s easily accessible while storing those items you rarely need out of the way.  Doing so will reduce the time spent searching for your favorite outfit pieces.  This same principle applies to seasons.  In the wintertime, you’ll want to keep your best coats, scarves, and flannel pants front and center, whereas the summer is the time to let your tanks, skirts, shorts, and tees shine.

Start from the Beginning

If your closet space has grown out of control, it might be time to assess your situation, and perhaps start over.  Pull everything out and sort through what you still wear and what’s no longer serving you.  Get rid of all the clutter and stick to the essentials.  There are plenty of charitable groups in need who will happily take your neglected items!

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During your purge, be sure to remove anything that has no place in your closet.  Items like books, family albums, business records should be kept in their own space.  Reserve the closet for apparel, shoes, accessories, and the like.

As you’re going through what stays and what goes, use the 80/20 rule to determine whether a piece is worth keeping or destined for donation; that is to say, the majority of what you wear is likely going to be about 20 percent of your wardrobe.    So as difficult as it may be, you might just have to say “bye bye” to those pants you haven’t worn in two years.

Even when you’ve finished sifting through the clutter, it can be tough to find a nice space for each and every item you’re keeping.  That’s why adding a simple over-the-door organizer, hanging closet organizer, or even a shoe rack can make all the difference in reclaiming that space.


Once you’ve sorted your closet into the manageable dream storage space you’ve always wanted, commit yourself to upkeep.  A simple 15-minute sweep through all your stored belongings once a week is all you should need to maintain a tidy closet.  And to prevent future clutter, remove one thing for every new purchase that makes its way into your newly organized closet.

Following these simple rules, tips, and tricks should ensure your pack-rat tendencies will be kept under control.

We want to see some closet success stories!  Share your before and after pictures with us on Instagram and let us know what worked for you!