Match Your Shoes and Leggings to Perfection

How do you pair your bottoms with your shoes? Is it based on your mood? How about the occasion? Or what about your personal style for the day? Leggings are considered to be the most comfortable pair of bottoms that any lady could ask for. In fact, they are a match made in heaven due to their comfortable fit and versatility in style. Pairing leggings and shoes can be a fun task. Your activity for the day and your personal style will play a major role in your decisions. Remember your shoes are like the cherry on top, even if they are technically at the bottom. So here are just a few tips on how to match your shoes and leggings to perfection.

1.Consider the Occasion

Before deciding what to wear, it is always best to figure out what activities you planned for the day. Are you walking the dog? Hanging out with friends? Or are you simply spending a comfortable day inside? Knowing this makes it easy when it comes to your selection. If you are winging your day, figure out what kind of look you want to shoot for.

2.Decide on the length of your leggings

Deciding on your leggings may be an easy choice. You can select any length, any style from capri to full-length. This decision solely depends on you and your style.

3.Selecting your Shoes

Now that you have your leggings, it is time to pair your shoes. Here are a few selections that can complete your outfit’s tone:

Rocking Sneakers

It’s a no brainer that leggings and sneakers make for a comfortable match. When you think of working out, the first pair of shoes you would grab is your athletic sneakers. However, there are other types of sneakers that can add a little edginess to your leggings and create a more casual appearance. Low-top and slip-on sneakers such as Keds are great to wear with full length and Capri length leggings. They will add a little attitude to your style while showing off your ankles. High-top shoes are great when going for an urban casual style. Sneakers can surely take you from active wear to casual wear in a matter of seconds.

Rock the Athletic Slides

Most athletes wear athletic slides for comfort. Paired with leggings, this comfy couple gives off a vibe that says “let’s lounge around.” You can rock athletic slides with a cute top to accomplish a comfy appearance. And now that athletic slides are taking a fashion-forward approach, it will be easy to add a little fun to your lounge look.

Keep it Cute and flat

When you wear the perfect pair of shoes, you can definitely accomplish a cute and comfortable look. For the last few years, ballerina shoes (cute flats) have been a great choice with leggings. This pair will jazz up an outfit and take it from comfortable to comfortably cute. With a flare tank and a cute cardigan accessorized at its best, you’ll be one jazzy girl.

Casually Cute with Boots

Boots are always a great choice to wear with leggings. Whether they are ankle-cut or over-the-knee, they will always give you a chic style. Ankle boots are great to pair with leggings during the in between seasons. This pair allows you to stay warm and show off your leg shape. As the weather gets cooler, over-the-knee boots are very popular to wear with leggings and a cute sweater, oversized shirt, or sweater dress. This look will definitely give your legs warmth.

Remember your footwork plays a major part in how your leggings are styled. Matching them together will solely depend on the style you’re going for, how you feel or the event you’re attending. Either way you’re comfortable to the max. Tell us how you pair your leggings and shoes to perfection by sharing in the comments below.


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