Matching Outfits: 7 Trends for Outfit Coordinating

Have you ever watched the hit television show “Sister, Sister” starring Tia Mowry-Hardict and Tamera (Mowry) Landry during the 1990s? What a funny sitcom about identical twins with hit lines like “Go home, Roger!” and cute matching outfits in almost every episode.  You just couldn’t get enough of the humor and always seeing the twins in coordinating outfits. Oh, how I can relate! Growing up as a twin myself, people got excited when my brother and I dressed alike. Literally, it’s a big deal to this day. And believe it or not, it really is a trend to coordinate matching outfits! Whether it’s just for fun, for an event, or even a simple girl’s night out, there’s always a reason to dress like family and friends. With so many reasons to wear matching outfits, here are my top 7 trends for outfit coordinating!


When it’s time to tie the knot, it’s time to coordinate everything all the way from the guest list to the wedding party’s wardrobe.  If you have ever been a part of any wedding party, you know the extreme to coordinating outfits. Bridesmaid’s dresses must match in some way, whether it is the same exact dress or different styles in the exact color of the wedding. Every bride is different, and how particular she is can determine how extreme things can be. As far as the groom and the groomsman, it’s simple! Their tuxes match and coordinate with the bridesmaid’s dresses.  There’s no mixing and matching when it comes to weddings. Everything is coordinated!


It’s probate time, meaning everyone reveals who’s under the matching masks and outfits of 30 odd members of your line! The Greek life is another reason why matching outfits are so trendy. Probates happen yearly on college campuses, where new members present the history of the organization and reveal who they are. They match from head to toe in outfits that can be T-shirts with skirts, pearls, masks and all sorts of things. The beauty of it is they stand dressed alike as one in the sisterhood or brotherhood, representing an organization to which they pledge to remain loyal forever. It is very huge and many people come out to see the Greek life probates and their matching outfits!


“There’s no I in team,” is a phrase that has been said by every coach we’ve encountered! Being part of a team is another reason why coordinating outfits happens. Every team has their own identity. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, football, track, dance, or cheerleading, teams have uniformed looks that set them apart from others. From warmup jackets to team jerseys, everyone looks the same. Remember, there’s no “I” in team and that goes for the coaches and the parents too. Team spirit is also a part of the game, so everyone has to be the same! Matching team t-shirts, bullhorns, and other forms of spiritwear all unify the fans of the teams.


Coordinating outfits are very common at family events. To be honest, a family reunion would be at the top of my list for matching family wardrobes. However, there are other reasons why one would coordinate outfits for the family. Around the holidays, families like remembering milestones in their children’s lives. What better way to do this than with family pictures? And speaking of the holidays, have you seen the families that have those matching onesies opening gifts together? It’s so cute! How about moms and daughters dressing alike because it’s a casual day? Today, a lot of companies are truly dedicated to “mommy and me” fashion. There are no limits to where outfits can go when it comes to the family!


When there’s a cause, we all stand together! For example, most people share an interest in fighting against breast cancer. Whether you are battling the disease or a survivor, sharing your stories with others can help unify and lift spirits. Events such as 5K walks or runs are created to bring common interests to light where we all wear the same color t-shirt or symbol. There are other life interests that allow us to match when we least expect it, such as indoor skydiving. We don’t realize we’re all wearing that hideous blue jumpsuit, but we know it helps protect us. Whatever the reason may be, it brings us together, not only by interest but also the colors we choose to stand in together.


“On Wednesdays we wear pink,” say the girls of the highly popular movie Mean Girls! This film is a perfect example of how trendy it is for best friends to dress alike. For just about any reason, high school besties are all in when it comes to coordinating outfits. From football games to concerts, to just a regular day, it’s cool to dress like your buddy. And the best part is there’s no limit to why you can’t match your best friend!


Yes, we love cute couples. There’s no better person to wear similar or matching outfits with than your soulmate.  Date night is the perfect time to wear matching plaids and denims to a movie. It’s the silent sign that says “we’re together.”  Just like best friends, you don’t need a reason to dress alike, it just makes you feel complete!

When it comes to what’s trendy, matching outfits is at the top of the list. Now that I’ve shared my top 7 trends for coordinating outfits, tell me some of your favorite occasions for matching wardrobes in the comments below.