No Shave November Means It’s Flannel Season


The time has come to surrender your razors.  A yearly pledge us manly men take to forbid any blade from crossing our faces for thirty days.  An act for some that is tradition, some for solidarity with your hairy brethren, and others a gesture in honor of cancer awareness.  Many know this month as “No Shave November.”  For those with mustaches, it’s “Movember.”  And for guys who take their wordplay even further, it is the month to grow a “Novembeard.”  Whatever you may call it and whatever your reasons may be, this is our month to let it grow, let it grow, let it grow.

But growing your winter coat does not mean you have to let yourself go.

On the contrary!

Some of today’s sharpest, trendiest styles welcome your face fur.  So for all the fellas out there looking for the most stylish options to compliment your beard, Boxercraft is here for you.

The Lumbersexual

So you’ve grown a beard that would put Chuck Norris’s to shame (don’t tell him you heard that from me!), and you want to wear something just as rugged as the bristles on your jaw.  If this is the case, flannel is the way to go.

Replacing the “Metrosexual” of the aughts, the “Lumbersexual” has taken over as a stylish image of masculinity where fashion meets function.

Lumberjacks have always been the archetype for masculinity.  I mean, just look at the Brawny brand.  All they needed was a guy in flannel to let you know those paper towels are a spill’s worst nightmare.  If you want to look your best this November, choose the time-honored Flannel look that pairs perfectly with any beard. But how does one build an outfit that creates a perfect balance between rugged edge and trendy sophistication?

The Lumberjack Look Done Right

Red and black buffalo check is a classic plaid that has withstood the tests of time and continues to be a staple in this genre.  Simple to pull off, all you need is to make sure the shirt is not too baggy, a nice pair of jeans, and a well-fitted jacket, and you’re golden.

Some other great color schemes include green, blue, and black/white.  Any of these versatile options will give you plenty to work with when building your perfect winter outfit.

In general, when choosing a flannel shirt you want to find one with a thicker cotton build as to avoid a flimsy appearance.  Rugged and durable is the image you want, so don’t skimp on your flannel.

Though its original intention was to be worn closed and snug, a slightly oversized flannel shirt can be incorporated as an open, outer piece to bring a modern edge to your look.  Wear it over a simple white T-shirt, or add some denim in between to bring a little more color to your ensemble.  Pairing with black jeans is a safe choice to neutralize the rest of the colors for a more balanced outfit.

As far as shoes go, there’s an array of options out there.  Depending on the look you’re going for, you can wear anything from white trainers for a laid-back, casual feel, lace-up boots for something more traditional, to lightweight plimsolls.

When suiting up this winter, dress confidently and know you will have plenty of different ways to pull off the best looks to compliment your Novembeard or Movember mustache.

How do you do No Shave November?  Do you go full on beard, or do you stache it up?  Share some memories or images of your best facial hair below!