Polka Dots are spot on in feminine flair!

From shirts to scarfs, dresses, and pajamas, polka dots are an on-point trend in fashion. Patterned with evenly spaced dots, this fun print adds visual interest to any outfit. So where does the name “polka dots” come from? While there are several debatable theories for its origin, it is a fact that this dotted pattern is not associated with the lively Czech dance—the polka. However, polka dots are a fashion favorite in flamenco dancewear. In addition to being modeled in the ballroom, polka dots also dominate the runway.

Connecting the Dots

It’s easy to spot, polka dots have a significant influence on fashion. But clothing is not the foundation of the pattern. It is believed that the print was inspired by art—a dotted painting created by Georges Seurat in 1884 to be exact. Comparable to artwork, there are many that view fashion as a form of expression. Polka dots are an iconic symbol of femininity embraced by women and girls of all ages. With bold, seamless circles, the dotted pattern is versatile in style and has become a wardrobe staple.

Seeing Spots?

Polka dots are everywhere in fashion. With a cheerful je ne sais quoi, polka dots have been spotted on several famous stars in the 1920s and 1930s, including Shirley Temple, Lucille Ball, and Marilyn Monroe. Years later, Julia Roberts elegantly flaunted the pattern in the film “Pretty Woman.” Walt Disney’s cartoon character Minnie Mouse is known for her cute polka-dotted dress and has been the ideal pattern for adorable, girl dresses. Popularity for polka dots has also made its way into songs as an irresistible, feminine allure. While runways are on point with cutting edge looks, polka dots are also seen in everyday wear.

How to Style

Here are our top picks on how to add polka dots to your casual wear. Let’s face it; flannel lounge pants work well with any silhouette. To get the point across, these cozy, soft pants are essential to the casual wardrobe. Polka dots add a cheerful look to a laidback style and hit the spot in creating feminine glam. Pairing polka-dotted flannel pants with a solid monogrammed shirt or graphic tee creates cutesy vibes perfect for pajama days, holiday fun, and everyday lounging. If flannel pants are too laidback, polka-dotted ruffled shorts are perfect for casual, chic style. It’s a no-brainer; white-on-black polka dots create classic appeal. Bright tops pair well with this look, adding a pop of color.


To add more personality to your style, consider white-on-red, white-on-navy, or white-on-pink polka dots for a more playful vibe. An oversize tee pairs well with polka-dotted flannel pants and shorts. A flowy tank top or shirt is an easy way to add a breezy feel to your outfit, and you can’t go wrong with the classic tee, especially when it’s comfortable and stylish.

The Final Point

Polka dots are a favorite print that makes fashion fun. Wear a smile with these cheerful spots, and you’re sure to brighten up the room. How do you like to wear polka dots? Show us a photo of you rocking spots on Instagram with the hashtag #boxercraft.