Revolutionize your style: Colors that flatter you the most

Are you aware of colors that will flatter your style? Are you familiar with different hues that will make you look slim and fit or give you a little healthy weight in the hips? Color is the sign language of fashion and it can scream a million words. Knowing how color works for you and your body is important because different hues can add or take away from your appearance.  So let’s talk color and revolutionize your style today!



Getting lean can require one to work out hard in the gym and break a little sweat. But can wearing certain colors make you look thinner? The color black is commonly known as a “slim color.” It will always give the illusion that you’ve dropped a few pounds in all of the right areas. Because black can become boring at times, there are other options you can wear for the same slimming effect. Rich, dark tones like deep plum, burgundy, dark olive, navy blue, and chocolate brown are all perfect color choices for looking slim. In addition, horizontal lines will give you a lean figure impression too. So go ahead and slim your figure with a little dark hue style.


Believe it or not, there are a few people that would like to add a little healthy weight to their figure, and there are colors that will do just that. The most common color is white. Yes, white is very pure and pretty, but it will definitely add a few pounds to your image. Neon, pastel, and bright shades are also known as “weight on” colors. These hues will add some dimension to your figure like it does with pop art. Pop art is known for neon, pastel, and bright colors that stand out with dimension. It’s the same concept when it comes to clothing. So if you want to add some fullness to your figure, then go ahead and prance around in that cute white tank top of yours!



When it comes to color, skin tones matter! It is always best to be mindful that your skin tone is a color too, and will play a major part in how your color choices reflect off your skin.

Pale skin tones look amazing when wearing rich dark or vibrant hues. These shades add warmth to their entire appearance. Therefore, color selections like black and white will make pale skin look washed out. Try to avoid them as much as possible. However, dark blue will complement your complexion very well. Bright hues like red will definitely pop off of your skin too. Actually, any bold or pastel color will complement your skin tone. Try adding some of these colors to your wardrobe and watch how your style transforms.

Darker skin complexions naturally have warmth, so undertone colors are perfect for you. Warm undertones of red, yellow, yellow-peach, coral, orange, and gold will add to your skin tone without overdoing it. Cool undertones of blue, olive, orchid (lavender), and violet red will add a soft touch to your appearance without losing too much of your natural warmth. So go for it!

Unlike pale skin tones, the color white is a great compliment to darker complexions. White creates a high contract look on dark skin tones which pop off the skin with a nice glow. The color black will do its job of slimming, but it tends to dull a darker complexion. However, colors such as purple, pink, soft, rich tones of yellow, copper, gold, bronze, light peach, light green, and orange look flattering on darker skin tones. Trying these colors on your dark complexion will instantly take your breath away. So go ahead and select that pink t-shirt to go out on the town in. You will look great in it!

Choosing the right color to wear is very important because it speaks volumes to your appearance. It will either add to your style or take away from it. Either way, the color of your clothing should always flatter you. So choose the best color that suits you well and share luminescent style with us on Facebook and Twitter. We would love to see which color flatters you the most!


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