Rock the Jogger Trend. Comfortable and Fashionable All-Day Style

When it comes to fashion, it is all about how you rock the look! Your personal style is a key factor and the reason why trends stay alive. Plus, there is never one way to rock a trend. Thanks to the diverse world that we live in, the influences of culture, entertainment and lifestyle make it easy to rock one trend in so many different ways.

Within the last few years, active wear has taken a more fashionable approach. Its appearance does not only scream gym anymore, but casual too. In fact, the jogger trend is now a very popular movement that is worn for both active wear and casual wear. It is also popular on the fashion runways in street wear too.  Originally designed for those who love to jog, this comfortable fit for pants is now 4 years strong and is made for everyone. The refreshing fact about this cool kick to pants is that you can rock it how you want and be comfortable at the same time. So here are just a few jogger trends that you should try.

Keeping it Plain Jane

shutterstock_601283930There’s nothing wrong with being “Plain Jane”! According to most people, simple is always better. A Plain Jane jogger look is essential and casual. It will take anyone’s style back to the basics of fashion. It is original and is normally found in solid colors, making it easy to match up well with any colored T-shirt or tank top.  And yes, life is much easier on the Plain Jane side of things because it requires no stress or worries when it comes to being comfortable and matching. There’s no need to break a sweat with your joggers when it comes to keeping it Plain Jane.

Adding a little Plaid

Sometimes, you just have to take your joggers to the next level. Basic can be cute, but wearing plaid is definitely an upgrade. Plaid designs have been around since the 1500s and school systems have also adopted this idea to add flavor to their students’ uniforms. So it’s no surprise that plaid on joggers is suitable for everyone at any age too. The coolest thing about wearing plaid joggers is that it is usually composed of two or more colors, giving you the option to match your favorite colored T-shirt or tank top with. So adding a little plaid to your jogger collection isn’t bad at all because when it gives you the option to rock it different every time!

Getting a little BOLD

Tame that animal! Being bold usually comes with a price of prints and a sense of freedom. With no rhyme or reason to its pattern, rocking animal print joggers is not only fierce, but it is very unique. It can be matched up very well with a solid shirt or tank top. If you are really bold and want to stand out, try matching animal print joggers with a red or fluorescent color. It will make your prints pop and scream “live out loud”. And because animal prints are around for almost every season, you can never lose your inner roar.

Rocking any jogger trend should look and feel comfortable. They are perfect for the active person, the most casual person, and the most fashionable person. Even with its relaxed look, your style should always compliment who you are and how you rock them. So rock the trend and don’t let it rock you!

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