Stonewashed Fashion – Vintage-Inspired Details for an Edgy Style

Remember those old stonewashed jeans you used to wear back in the 90s?  How cool were they?  That edgy, faded look really gave your wardrobe a nice, vintage feel you just don’t see anymore.  Or do you?

That’s right!  It’s 2017 and vintage is in again.  So dig into your closet and grab all those forgotten favorites.  The time is now to enjoy a blast from the past and we’re here to help you dress your best while rocking the stonewashed vintage look!  Forget Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday; make every day retro-trendy with a few easy tips.

What’s the Deal with Stonewash?

Just as certain 90s icon who revolutionized the American sitcom may have asked, you might be wondering what the story is with stonewash.  For those who don’t remember this trend, it is a process of fading that involves washing with enzymes or pumice stones.  Using a particular solution that is cellulose-based can give clothing an aged look similar to faded and worn jeans.

During that decade it was a popular style embraced by many, though over time it has been relegated to “mom jeans” status.  However, time is forgiving, and once again the merits of stonewashed style are clear.  Not only is the look distinct, but the feel is noticeably loose and soft.  While it is not the easiest to wear with success, if done properly, you can create a killer outfit that will make you the envy of your peers.

Stonewash Style Success

So you love the stonewash aesthetic but you’re not sure you can pull it off?  Fret not, because we’re here to help, and it’s easier than you think.

The important thing to remember when you’re going for vintage is to maintain a proper balance between old and new.  Because stone and enzyme washed fabrics have a nice worn aesthetic, you will want to add some modern pieces and accessories to prevent your overall outfit from looking too much like a costume.  Wearing current shoes, sunglasses, and bags can help you retain a contemporary edge to your retro image.

And don’t think it stops at accessories.  The way you wear your hair and makeup can also be a big factor in creating a successful vintage look.

Simplicity is key here; recreating hairstyles and makeup techniques from yesteryear is difficult to pull off and can take you out of the 21st century.  All you have to do is not overthink it – keep styling your hair and applying makeup as you normally would and you will be headed in the right direction!

And of course, if you’re wearing a nice, vintage top, you can never go wrong with a pair of timeless jeans.  But what if that’s not exactly your thing?  Though stone and enzyme wash is most commonly associated with jeans, you can find other bottoms with the same stonewash look you love.

What are some of your favorite vintage trends?  Do you have a great retro outfit you love to wear, or do you have a passion for collecting analog?  Share some of your top retro hobbies and looks below.  And if your picture is digital make sure to throw a Tennessee filter on it!