Tank Goodness: Easy ways to wear a tank top!

Tank tops are ideal for any time of the year, but warm weather is the perfect season to show some shoulder action. Wheet-whew! Offering lightweight comfort and breezy vibes, these sleeveless shirts are wardrobe staples for summer outfitting. Tank tops are designed for different uses and come in various types, from sporty racerbacks, sleeveless shirt-dresses, flare tanks, and crop tops. But with so many choices, it can be hard to choose the right fit for your look. Here are tips on how to style different types of tank tops with ease.

Go with the Flow

Flowy tanks look amazing on all body types and are an excellent choice for concealing problem areas around the stomach and waist. These shirts provide a comfortable, relaxed fit that drapes nicely over the torso with a breezy feel. Flowy tank tops tend to run a bit longer than most tanks providing extra coverage. With a flared A-line cut, flowy tank tops come in V-neck, crew, and scoop necklines. Flowy tanks are versatile and can easily be dressed up or down. And what’s even better, they flatter every figure. Pair with shorts or form-fitted pants like skinny jeans and leggings to complete your look. Of course, shoes are essential to any outfit. So that means your shoe choice (high heels, flip-flops, or a pair of tennis shoes) is vital in coordinating your swag.

Athletic Aesthetics

When it comes to stylish workout clothes, athleisure is the go-to in outfitting! This sporty style smoothly transitions from the gym to the street without missing a beat. Running errands after the gym is the norm for the girl on the go—whether it’s to grab a nutrition shake, get a few things from the store, or picking up the kiddos before heading home.

Let’s get real—it’s a hassle to change outfits after a workout, but some gym looks are just inappropriate for public view. While wearing a sports bra with leggings is fitting for spinning class, flashing those abs while pumping gas may be a tad too much. A chic athletic tank top not only lets you maximize performance, but it’s a presentable top to wear out and about. Paired with a sporty jacket or layered on top of a sports bra, athletic tanks create a chic gym look that effortlessly shifts to street style.
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Comfortable Looks

For lounging around, an everyday casual tank top works best. Relaxed and comfortable, these sleeveless shirts are perfect for laid-back weekends or moving through those yoga poses seamlessly. Take a deep breath—hold it, and exhale. Ahhh… now isn’t that relaxing. Designed with all body shapes in mind, these loose-fit tanks easily layer with sports bras or can be styled alone. Slim-fitted, cropped tanks are also perfect for yoga stretches and in-motion activities. Tunic tank tops come in a variety of styles and are great for covering up or settling down. Featuring a mid-thigh length, tank dresses can be tossed over a bathing suit after a dip in the pool and can also be worn as a stylish nightshirt.

Essential Takeaways

Okay, ladies. When styling your tank, don’t forget to choose the appropriate bra for a sleek silhouette. Nothing looks sloppier than a tank that reveals an ancient, frayed bra strap, or the embossed chest effect you get with bedazzled or lace front bras. Simply put, the right bra is essential to rocking the sleeveless shirt look. There are different types of tank tops out there and a lot of options to choose from. Which tank top type are you. Leave us a message below or share your style pics with us on social media.