The Secret Behind Heather Jersey: What Is It and Why Is It so Popular?

Have you heard the news? Heather has been voted most popular!

Before your mind wanders, no, I’m not talking about the infamous ‘Heathers’ in the teen movie Mean Girls (although there are some characteristics involved when it comes to popularity). What we’re discussing here is the must-have look of heather jersey tees. As a fashion-forward thinker, I’m sure you’re anxious to jump headfirst into this trend. But before you do, perhaps you have some questions. Like maybe “what does heather mean in fashion?” Or, perhaps how to incorporate heather-blend tees into your wardrobe.

If you’re wanting to capitalize on this look, it’s important to understand a little about the fabric.

What Is Heather Jersey Exactly?

Let’s take a moment to explore what the heather jersey fabric combination means. Heather is a type of material made from different shades of yarn interwoven together to create alternating white specs throughout. Sometimes referred to as “frosted,” this unique style can add texture to an otherwise plain color.

Jersey is a fabric crafted from cotton or a blend of cotton with a synthetic such as polyester. Because it’s comfortable, soft, breathable, and versatile, single knit jersey fabric is a staple for t-shirts and is also used in bedding and sheets.

Heather jersey is a combination of the two, where you have textile-knit cotton or a cotton/synthetic combo with an alternating speckled pattern of a muted color and gray/white.

Why Is It so Popular?

Heather jersey is a great synthesis of comfort and style, offering a casual-cool look that can be dressed up or worn for laidback style. Heather-blend colors lend a soft look that is a perfect backdrop for making graphics stand out. Because this style has unique shades, it can be helpful to reference a guide when choosing what’s right for you. Often darker colors like charcoal, black, and slate heather, are easy options that work well with most any bottoms. Oxford is also a popular pick, chosen for its sporty appeal.

How To Wear Heather Jersey

When shopping for a shirt in this style, it helps to know there’s quite a bit of versatility when putting together an outfit. Whether it’s long sleeve or short sleeve, you’re going to have no problem pulling off heather jersey. For a casual, on-the-go look, a simple pairing with jeans cannot miss. Or, worn with a nice pair of leggings, you can take a relaxed look anywhere you go.

What’s your favorite color choice for heather jersey? Share with us below, and make sure to show us some of your favorite looks!