The Story Behind the Sherpa Blanket

Do you know what Sherpa is? Are you familiar with the soft fluffy fabric used to make comfy jackets, pullovers, blankets, and so much more? For a few years now, there has been a high demand for Sherpa products because of how cozy the fabric looks and how amazing it feels. Boxercraft has found incredible success with this fabric, creating a complete line that continues to evolve season after season and year after year! From the Sherpa Pullover to the Sherpa Lined Hoodie, these products are just a few that have everyone raving and ready to take on the colder months. But, what exactly is Sherpa? Why is it unique? And, what inspired Boxercraft to create a Sherpa throw blanket? With all these questions dashing through your mind you’re probably dying for answers, but rest assured. I’m going to share with you the answers to them all. Let’s dive in and learn more about the Sherpa Blanket.

What is Sherpa, and why is it unique?

Sherpa is described as faux-sheepskin or faux shearling made from polyester. These fabric properties create a soft texture with a fluffy feel reminiscent of wool. With such a unique composition, there comes some variation when color is added to the equation. Why is that you ask? During the color dye process, fabric properties will accept a dye color based on its unique characteristics. To better illustrate this concept, as humans, we all come in an array of beautiful skin tones. If women of every complexion put on the same colored makeup from the same brand, do you believe their makeup would look precisely the same? Of course not. There will be variations in the color shades based on their skin complexions. Color variance is the same thing that happens when dying Sherpa. The properties of the fabric will infuse or accept the dye and absorb the color based on its particular characteristics. Therefore, the dyeing process is something that makes this product so unique. No two Sherpas are colored exactly alike, and that is awesome!

The Inspiration and Development

In fall 2017, Boxercraft decided to take its fashion to the next level. Predominantly known for its flannels and Pom Pom Jerseys, the merchandising team decided it was time to launch something new and shake things up with its first Sherpa products: the Quarter Zip Pullover and Sherpa Vest. Much success and rave reviews from customers led to the evolution of the Boxercraft Sherpa Collection. That’s right! Shortly after the first two products, the Sherpa Blanket joined the line in fall 2018, along with a few more products. “Sherpa feels so comforting and snugly when you wear it that it was a natural decision to create a throw blanket to wrap up in,” says Boxercraft’s Director of Merchandising Kristin Slinn. “Sherpa is one of the hottest fabrics, and it has made its way into home goods as well as apparel.” It was definitely a no-brainer to the Boxercraft Merchandising Team that the blanket would be a big hit. “Everyone wants to be comfortable, and Sherpa offers cozy comfort like none other,” says Slinn.

So what makes Boxercraft’s Sherpa Blanket better than others? “It’s made with a superior hand feel and is expertly finished from edge to edge, explains Slinn. “The Boxercraft Sherpa Blanket has signature finishing touches that make this throw an elevated piece of pure comfort. We added a microfleece pocket on the corner to conceal the embroidery backing, as well as double as storage space to put your phone or personal belongings.” More than just an ordinary throw, the blanket was designed beyond comfort to provide convenience too. And while the Sherpa Blanket is beautiful as a blank, Slinn says the product can be “made even better with our thoughtfully designed embroidery embellishments packaged in an individual bag for a true retail feel and look.”

So now that you know a little more about the Boxercraft Sherpa Blanket, how it was inspired and fabricated, share with us in the comments below how you use your Sherpa throw blanket and what new products you would like to see in our Sherpa Collection.