Top 3 Elements for the Perfect Tee

Everyone loves a good tee.  It’s a casual choice for men and women that’s both comfortable and, if properly selected, stylish.   As such, you should never take for granted the kind of decision you make when shopping for your next tee.  If you know what to look for, you can find the perfect top that’s a linchpin in your wardrobe; a safe option you can always fall back on whenever you want to throw together a quick outfit.  But what are those factors that make the perfect tee?  Here are the top 3 elements to seek out when purchasing your next tee.

  1. Premium Fabric

The material chosen for your clothing is an essential part of what makes your tee special.  Fabric can make or break your attire, so go for premium.  How do you know you’re getting a quality garment?  Look to the label for all the information you need.   Determining the type of material can help you decide what kind of investment you’re making in terms of how long your article of clothing will last, in addition to how well it will breathe and what care options are available.  After all, if it’s not comfortable, why wear it?

For a T-shirt, cotton knit is your basic option, whereas pima cotton knit or cotton/modal jersey blends are more comfortable, higher quality materials.  Remember, if you’re not willing to spend a little extra for better quality, it will cost you down the road.  Treat yourself to the luxurious feel and durable build you deserve.

  1. Enhanced Fit

 A tee made from a premium fabric is only one piece of the puzzle.  Having the right fit can determine how stylish you will look in your clothes.  It’s a basic principle of fashion.  But what do you look for when searching for the right fit?  Styles vary depending on the current trend and what compliments your body type. You should always pay attention to how it is sewn and altered, as you’ll want to wear something that compliments your natural shape.  Many T-shirts are made to be boxy, but there is so much more you can do with a flattering shape.  Find a tee that fits comfortably – snug but not too snug.  With the right T-Shirt style, you can look your best in an easy, versatile top.

  1. The Retail Details

 Pay attention to the details!  They are there to help with your purchase decision.  When browsing online or through a catalog, a good tee ought to have all of its qualities outlined for you.  You should observe the care instructions (to maximize the lifespan of your tee), stylistic notes (the neckline, colors available, designs, sizes, etc.), and the fabric content.  Of course, you cannot forget one of the most important retail details – the price.  Purchasing a great T-shirt for the right price can be a bit of a balancing act, but whatever you do, don’t buy too cheap!  If the price is far too low, there’s a reason for it.  However, this does not mean an extremely expensive shirt is necessarily going to be better than your more affordable option.  Keep your spending limit within reason.  Don’t pay more than $50 on a tee unless the seller can give you a justifiable reason for its price…and you have that kind of money to spend.

Choosing the right tee is no easy feat, but in the end, it’s worth it.  What do you look for when you’re in the market for the perfect T-shirt?  We’d love to know what’s important to you.  Comment below with your top 3 elements.


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