Top 3 Tips to Enhance Your Customers’ Online Shopping Experience

With the holiday season in full swing, shopping for gifts (for others or yourself) has kicked into high gear. Over the last few years, the ability to shop for almost anything (literally anything) online has become more accessible for consumers. As a blogger and someone who is an avid online shopper for fashionable clothing, I want to discuss some of the tools and tips that are used to elevate the customer’s online shopping experience, and why retailers and small businesses need to utilize these tools.

Size charts

Size charts are beneficial, especially if you have never bought an item from a brand or retailer before. Size charts help the consumer determine their desired fit in the garments they are purchasing. It is essential to make sure that your sizing charts are as accurate as possible. Here are a few ways that a size chart can be found beneficial for your customer:

  • It gives the customer confidence in buying your product. When a customer has confidence in your product, they are more apt to become a repeat customer and loyal to your brand.
  • Size charts can increase your sales. Think of them as a “guideline” for your customers to follow—this guides them. Size charts can eliminate any confusion for the customer and boost their confidence to make a purchase.
  • It helps lower the risk of product returns. The consumer does not want to deal with the hassle of making a return.


Look books

A look book is a collection of photographs designed to showcase a specific brand or style. By using look books, it shows customers what clothing styles look like on an actual person. A look book can help explain to the customer what your brand is about and tells a story. Consumers sometimes feel driven to purchase an item of clothing not just because of a trend, but because it’s associated with a positive feeling or experience. In a sense, digital look books for e-commerce fashion brands today can also serve a similar purpose to the original print look books. That is, they can be used to showcase your designs in a heavily branded, conceptual way to catch the eye of third-party media. Overall, look books are another great tool to use on your website that can help make positive shopping experience for your customer.


High-tech product photography solutions

ORBITVU photosystems is a photography software that specializes in the field of 2D, 3D, and 360-degree product photography. These fantastic features have taken photography to the next level. Utilization of this software makes your photos stand out – literally! With the ability to produce up to 3D images and even 360-degree shots, your standard shots can now look more interactive and professional than ever. Excellent quality photography that is both professional and vibrant not only show your product in its best light, it creates a more aesthetically pleasing visual for your customer.

Whether you are a customer or a brand, using sizing charts, look books, and high-tech photography software can enhance the customer’s shopping experience. Creating an experience that is convenient and user-friendly is a vital component to fulfilling repeat business and customer loyalty objectives.  Using these features can build customer trust and strengthen customer relationships. In today’s digital era, I’m sure that there will continue to be new tools developed that will contribute to creating the best shopping experience ever.