Top Ways to Fundraise for Your Sorority

Greek life is one of the most memorable parts of going to college. As those who are part of a sorority know, it’s much different from what may be portrayed in movies or on television. Sororities are often devoted to different nonprofits and other organizations who, in turn, are devoted to making the lives of others better. In that way, sorority sisters spend their college years helping others.

Of course, these sororities are still comprised of college students. If there’s one thing most college students have in common, it’s the experience of spending thousands of dollars a year on education while simultaneously being broke. As such, there is not much money left to give to charity. That’s where fundraising comes in. By having events to raise money, you also get other students involved with your cause. Here are just a few fundraising ideas for your sorority this year.

Restaurant Night

Often, local and national chain restaurants love helping out charities because they usually share the same goals. Talk to restaurant managers and owners about having a profit-sharing night. During that night, a certain portion of the profits made will be given to your sorority to donate. While many restaurants donate between 10 to 50 percent, some will give all proceeds for one night to charity.

Go For a Run

As humans, we are wired for competition. Of course, some feel the urge more than others. A race or some other event is a great way to tap into that urge for charity. Organize a 5K race or, to stand out among the crowd, organize a silly relay race. Competitors pay to participate, and of course get something in return. You can have a prize or include T-shirts in the cost. Once those expenses are covered, there should be plenty of money left over for donating.

Internal Battles

Speaking of competition, you can utilize the skills of your own sisters – and even fraternity brothers – to raise money. Have different challenges within the Greek community. One example is a bake-off. Each fraternity and sorority makes their own recipe of cupcakes, cookies, or even chili. Then, sell them to the general student population. Be sure to advertise that the group who sells the most product wins so your friends will come out and support you!

T-Shirts and Pom Pom Jerseys

Students do love their college sports. You can take advantage of this passion and raise money for your favorite nonprofit. T-shirts and Pom Pom Jerseys with your school’s logo, or a design of your own imagination, can be put onto these tops. With a small note that each one sold helps those in need, you will see yourself selling out faster than you can keep them in stock!

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