Unique, Personalized Embroidered Gift Ideas For the Holidays

Boxercraft VIP Seersucker Short with a monogram embroidery by Ink & Thread Co.

The holidays are upon us once again. Where did the time go? While these are the months to enjoy family, friends, changing leaves, and other seasonal delights, the pressures of holiday shopping hang over us all like ill-placed mistletoe.

What are you going to get for Uncle Paul? What about Aunt Emma? And the kids, let’s not even get started with all the little ones in the family. Though a round of gift cards for all may be a quick, stress-free solution, they’re such impersonal gifts that they could leave your loved ones feeling underappreciated. And you don’t want your younger sister showing you up again this year. Not after how much your parents berated you over last year’s incident. No, we won’t talk about that here.

But how do you give everyone on your nice list something personal? With only so many shopping days left, it may seem close to impossible to find something unique for everyone.

So why not personalized embroidered gifts? It’s an easy way to cover everybody and add a little personal flavor that will make each member of your family feel loved.

Cool-Weather Jackets

The temperatures are finally beginning to drop, meaning everyone is anxious to break out their warmer clothes. As such, giving your loved ones beautiful jackets is not only thoughtful; it’s practical. Buying a trendy, fashionable jacket, coat, or pullover is great for men and women. Everyone can use a new look and style for the season; after all, every year is a chance to update one’s fashion. And embroidery can add the perfect amount of personalization to make it a truly special gift.

Embroidery gives you so many options for creating unique, one-of-a-kind jackets and pullovers. From something as simple as someone’s name to their favorite sports team or organization, it’s an easy way to infuse individuality into a garment. Or get extra creative and include embroidered art. You can add an emblem of the recipient’s favorite painting, or perhaps an original they or you yourself made. And there’s no better way to make your kids happy than giving them a pullover with an embroidery of a drawing they made.

Cozy Blankets

Nothing makes the cold weather feel more special than a nice, warm throw blanket. Whether cozying up next to your significant other or simply settling in for a weekend movie marathon, blankets are a surefire hit as presents for family and friends. Buying a classic flannel blanket or a soft, luxurious Sherpa blanket, you’ll be giving a gift they won’t forget. Adding personalized embroidery makes it an even more memorable present – one the recipient will be sure to pull out every year during the colder months. Like jackets and pullovers, you can embroider pretty much anything on a blanket to make it personal. But when it comes to a throw blanket, you might want to consider they’re often shared. With this in mind, instead of first names, embroidering with family names or hometowns could make for a great variation to this incredibly useful gift idea. A sports team can work as well, just as long as it’s not a divided household!

Boxercraft Sherpa Blanket with an embroidery by Ink & Thread Co.

Boxercraft Sherpa Blanket with an embroidery by Ink & Thread Co.

Embroider With Ease

Purchasing from a company that offers great styles and in-house embroidery is the way to go, and will give you exactly what you need to have a successful gift-giving season. Head on over to Boxercraft and make your holiday gift shopping a breeze. Choose from a variety of our embroider-ready garments to add a personal touch to your presents by an embroidery of your choice.